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Geeklet Girl does not like cheese.

I’ll give you some time to process that.

Yes. It’s true. She practically hates the stuff.

She prefers her burritos cheese-less. She likes her chili naked. She will not suffer a cheese stick to pass her lips, and when faced with Cheetos she cringes. Mac’n’cheese? Don’t even think about it.

I’m not quite sure she’s actually related to me…

Could I possibly have brought the wrong Geeklet home from the hospital when she was born?

I could live on cheese! Cheese makes life better! How can anyone survive without the occasional piece of deep-fried mozzarella? This, I just do not understand. It’s one more thing to file away under “Life’s Inexplicable Weirdnesses” I guess.

But seriously!!! How do I deal with this?!? I need to call my therapist.