I have this existential fear of being too cool. If you’re ever too cool, you’re automatically a dweeb. (Dweeb! Does anyone say that anymore?) 

So I’m sitting here on the floor of the local Cinemark, waiting for the theatre to be cleaned so we can go in and see the latest Jason Bourne flick , and this is my current view. Cool red shoes, nerdy fan-girl skirt. Yes. I dressed up all Superman-themed for date night with SuperDad. Even my earrings are the Superman logo. Is it all too much?

Then again, does it really matter? Of course not. Who gives a bleep what I wear?


This is where it gets confusing. Do I or do I not care what I wear? Should I? How much? Does it matter, whether or not I care? Who is the judge of that? What is the purpose of cool or cute clothes anyway? What is the purpose of the Superman logo? What is the purpose of coolness? What the heck is coolness? Now I’m getting a headache…