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My Geeklet Girl decided she’s going to write a food blog when she grows up, with all sorts of delicious recipes that she’ll invent all-by-herself.  She invented her first delicious recipe just this morning, and asked me to post it for her.  Here it is.

Bread and Butter Sandwich

2 slices of bread

softened butter

Spread the butter on both slices of bread.  Put the bread slices together, butter on the inside.  Ta-da!

Here’s a picture of the half-eaten result.  She used olive oil and rosemary bread, which is what we had lying around.

bread & butter

Geeklet Girl is already asking me if her recipe is a little bit famous.  It should be, if four-legged foodies are any judge of yummyness; our Chiweenies haven’t stopped following her around since she started eating.

hungry doggies

Does Geeklet Girl share?