Don’t wait to be grateful for the love in your life. Be grateful NOW. Because, who knows . . .

Faith, Hope and Life

Sometimes the littlest things make the biggest difference. And sometimes the littlest things are the things that are missed the most. Being in an estranged state with someone who was once so loving to me is making me realize that I miss the little things.

I miss the good and warm feelings. I miss the hugs. I miss the laughter. I miss the assurance that someone is praying for me. I miss the times when she would warm my heart by saying something sweet. I miss the times when she would share the love of our God with me. I miss the heart-felt and warm conversations. I miss her making me feel special. I miss her smile, and happy spirit. I miss her heart.

She has always been someone who has been Jesus to me. She was the hands of Him; she had a gentle, but loving touch that was…

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