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I recently found something else to geek out over.  Her name is Erutan, and she makes beautiful music.

Careful. This music will cast a spell on you.

I like to call this style of music “modern medieval.”  Or, as my 5-year old daughter says, “It’s dancing fairy music, mom!”  We’ve been listening to Raindancer almost every day since I accidentally tripped and fell *splat* over it on Bandcamp a couple weeks ago.  I’ve been fixated on it ever since.

I did a little exploring (research, people, research!  It’s what makes the world go ’round!) and found her on iTunes, where I promptly bought another of her albums, A Bard’s Side Quest, which is, as the cover art says, “Vocal Arrangements of Video Game Music.”  It’s Final Fantasy music, people!  Skyrim music!  World of Warcraft music!  Yessss!  Who wouldn’t fall in love with it?  I’m singing along with it right now . . . the Dragonborn comes . . .

Last info point, but decidedly not not of least importance: Erutan just had a successful Kickstarter campaign to fund her new album, The Court of Leaves, which is due out on March 17th.  TWENTY DAYS AWAY!!  I’M SO EXCITED!!