This is not the sort of thing I usually post, but it touched me. I hope it will touch you, too.

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VATICAN CITY — Even a jailed inmate can have a fairytale, Catholic wedding.

The Vatican newspaper, L’Osservatore Romano, ran a lovely story of one couple’s journey of preparation for the sacrament of marriage.

It’s not your typical scenario: the couple had been together for 27 years, had children and grandchildren, and now, the groom was serving time in a prison in Catania, in southern Italy.

The story is told by the prison chaplain, Father Francesco Ventorino, who, while not identifying the couple, talks about the groom’s spiritual awakening.

DEACON DISTRIBUTES COMMUNION TO DEATH-ROW INMATE AT INDIANA STATE PRISON A deacon distributing communion to a death-row inmate at Indiana State Prison in Michigan City in 2007. (CNS photo/Karen Callaway, Northwest Indiana Catholic)

The man wanted a Catholic wedding, even if it meant holding the ceremony in jail, because he wanted to “give spousal dignity” to his wife, give their children “the sense of belonging to a true family” and to…

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