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. . . potty training time.

I don’t like surprises.

Geeklet #6 just turned three years old and still hasn’t earned his big boy pants.  I’m tired of changing his huge, disgusting diapers, so I’m potty training him whether he likes it or not (he doesn’t).

Everyone already knows it, but I just have to say it: potty training is way worse than diapers.

Tighty-whiteys don’t have easy-off tabs.    Tighty-whiteys aren’t very absorbent.  Tighty-whiteys aren’t disposable.

Well, technically, they are disposable, but they’re also ridiculously expensive (when did underwear get so expensive?!?  Gaaah!) so what you have to do is *drum-roll please* wash them.

That’s right.  Those poopy, soggy, toddler-sized briefs go straight in the same washing machine that you do your own laundry in.  Yuck.

Not to mention all the old towels you use to sop up pee-puddles.  You have to wash those, too.  Delightful.

Either that, or prepare to invest in paper-goods stocks.  Specifically, paper towels, ’cause you’re gonna need a warehouse full.

And don’t forget about the bathroom.  I’ve already cleaned poop off of various  bathroom surfaces several times today.


It’s a good thing babies are so adorable.  What with all the poop and the pee and the vomit and the snot, if they weren’t adorable, the human race would’ve died out a few thousand years ago.