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Ah, angry people.  Don’tcha love ’em?  Especially when they try to start fights with you online.  C’mon, I know it’s happened to you, too.

Sometimes I think there should be an entrance exam for the intewebs.  You sit in a cold, hard, lumpy chair while the most annoying pizza-faced person you can imagine pokes fun at you, tells you you’re an idiot, coughs without covering his mouth, and farts in your general direction.  If you can keep your cool, you’re in.

If you fart back, you lose!  No internet access for you, you pathetic attempt at self-discipline!  If you even so much as flare your nostrils, you will never be online.

We’ll call it the Troll Prevention Initiative: protecting the World Wide Web from brainless twits, one potentially angry moron at a time.  Oh yeah.

And now, back to the secret lab.  Tops on my to-do list: finagle funding for the TPI.  Who’s with me?