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So I finally got my Frost Mage to level 90 in World of Warcraft last night.  DING!

Just kidding. I don’t play like that . . . SuperDad does.

Then I spent 2500 gold on flying, mounted my Bronze Drake, looked around, and said, “Okaaaay . . . Now what?”

I’m not into raiding.  Not into dungeons, or instances, or whatever the heck else they’re called these days.  (I sound like an old fogie, don’t I?)

I don’t really feel like doing whatever quests are still out there because that would just earn me gold that I don’t need.  Seems kinda pointless right now.

I don’t really care about the latest, greatest gear, because once you get all the latest, greatest gear, it’s back to “Now what?” again.  Besides, the latest, greatest gear is for raiding, which I just don’t do.

I used to do PvP, but only in Arathi Basin and Wintergrasp.  Now, Wintergrasp might as well not exist any more, and Arathi Basin gets to feeling like I’m banging my head against a brick wall a bit too much these days. (Sounding like an old fogie again, I know.)  So I’m not sure I’ll be getting back into PvP.

All in all, I’m a very casual gamer.  So, what else is there for a casual gamer to do in Azeroth at level 90?

I’m thinking about Archaeology . . . and there’s always dailies.  Maybe I’ll do some research on the new factions I can earn rep with for goodies like mounts.  I heard there’s one faction you can get a scorpion mount from.  That would suit me fine.  There’s also that NPC/quest-giver who is claiming to be Deathwing’s son.  I kinda wonder if I’ll get stabbed in the back at some point if I do what he’s asking me to.

Decisions, decisions!  Anyone out there want to help me out with suggestions on what to do next in the World of Warcraft?