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Anyone ever think the Internet needs a National Anthem?  Well, apparently someone did, because nerdy girl band The Doubleclicks obliged.  Click here to listen on Bandcamp.

The Doubleclicks

Ever have a thing for Mr. Darcy?  Well, apparently someone did (probably more than one someone, winkwinknudgenudge) because The Doubleclicks waxed poetic about him and his, um, demeanor.  Clicky the linky.

Oh, Mr. Darcy . . .

Anyone ever have lasers for someone else’s feelings?  Or, maybe, vice versa?  Me too.  This one is listenable and watchable!  Clever!

Just had to share my love for this geeky cello-wielding duo.  I *heart* that their tunes are both sweet and funny, and make me feel like less of a weirdo.  Someone else gets ticked off over blatant fallacies in major Hollywood blockbusters.  And then writes a song about it.  Yesss.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

And now, back to the secret lab!