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It’s time I introduced my loyal followers to Diana Gabaldon and her epic time-travel-fantasy novel series, Outlander, which is being made into a TV series.  You guys know Game of Thrones?  Outlander is the next Game of Thrones.  Yep, I said it.

Meet Ms. Gabaldon:

Diana Gabaldon September 2009

Diana Gabaldon September 2009 (Photo credit: Howard County Library System)

Isn’t she beautiful?  Such a great smile.  Yes, I have a girl-crush on her.  Shut up.

Now meet her Outlander novels . . . the ones she’s finished, anyway:

Uh-huh, there’s already seven books in this series, and she’s working on number eight.  I told you it was epic.  And if you haven’t read them yet, you’d better get started, ’cause the TV series is being cast as we speak and will be showing on Starz in 2014.

Read the books!  The books are always better!

Not that I’m knocking the TV show, mind.  In fact, I’m practically in love with the male lead, Sam Heughan.

Meet Mr. Heughan:

You’re welcome.

And now, if you can manage to drag your eyes away from that delectable image, I should probably tell you what the heck the novels & TV show are actually about.  As I said, it’s a time-travel-fantasy.  Long story short, a WWII-era nurse, Claire, accidentally goes back in time to 18th century Scotland and meets Scottish warrior Jamie (played by Sam Heughan, above).  Queue danger, romance, horseback riding, and kilts.  Are you drooling yet?

Better start reading.  You’ve got a lot to get through before the show starts.

And now, back to the secret lab!