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Wow.  I never realized how dingy the Geeklets’ miniature rocking chair was until I took this picture.

Looks grimy.

Looks grimy.

We did actually wash the fabric liner now and then.  I promise.  I swear!

Well, the oldest Geeklet was playing monkey-boy yesterday, and climbing on the furniture (which I’m always telling him not to do) when suddenly I heard a loud SNAP.



This rocker has been with us since Geeklet #2 was a baby.  Holy cow.

So it survived seven years worth of typical childish use and abuse from our ever-growing family, and  I just assumed it would last forever . . . but apparently it was finally time for it to give up the ghost.  I guess it got tired.

Well, good-bye, old rocker!  You have served us well.

(Should we hold a ceremony or something . . . ?)