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So Margaret Thatcher died, the Cookie Monster assaulted a toddler in Times Square, North Korea is threatening to nuke the world out of existence, my bright yellow manicure that I worked so hard on is chipping like crazy, and, to top it all off, half of the Geeklets woke up feverish this morning.  This is my sad face:

Sad face, Colonel.

(Photo credit: hackett) 

OK, that’s not really my face . . . but it might as well be, ’cause that’s how I feel this morning.

Ever want to crawl back under the covers and demand a re-do on the day, even though you’ve only been up for, like, forty-five minutes?  Yeah, me too.

It started when SuperDad announced with what I misinterpreted as fiendish glee that Margaret Thatcher had died, and my instant reaction was surprise that she was still alive.  Until this morning.  I feel quite stupid and out-of-touch with reality, not to mention uncharitable for my poor assumptions about SuperDad’s attitude.  He just really likes being the bearer of big news.

And the Cookie Monster . . . I’ve never liked Elmo (I always knew there was something evil about that little red weirdo), but the Cookie Monster ?!?  How could he?  *sniff*

And I know that the US government is pooh-poohing the whole threat of nuclear war from that little tiny country with a bad attitude that nobody ever really pays attention to, but I grew up paranoid in a conspiracy-theory-rife household (black helicopters!  Beware!) so of course I’m on edge about that.

Not to mention the fact that chipping nail polish is enough to get anybody feeling down, and then the whole Here-We-Go-Round-The-Who’s-Got-A-Fever-Now Thing happening again . . . well, it’s almost enough to make anyone give up.

The good thing is that no matter how bad things get, I still have a house full of cute people to love.

Case in point.

Case in point.

So as long as no one breaks any fine china, colors on the toilet, or bombs us to smithereens today, I think I’ll make it. 🙂

(Never ask me about the coloring-on-the-toilet episode.  Yes, it happened, and no, I don’t want to talk about it.)