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Although I could be wrong.  I might just have the same allergies they do.

As we welcome Spring, we welcome pollen of all sorts . . . and sniffles, and sneezles, and lots of boxes of tissues.

All these beautiful blossoming trees make my eyes water.

English: A flowering ' tree at the at in .

Some days I almost wish we lived in a desert where nothing ever bloomed, or that we could  seal our house up until Spring is over and not open a single door or window until then. But then I’ll do something like scorch the beans (yeah, that happened last night) and I’ll remember how nice it is to be able to throw the doors open and get the nasty burnt-beans stench out of here. Smells out, pollen in.  It’s a trade-off. 


But what in life isn’t a trade-off?  Going to college to become a microbiologist usually means you won’t have the time to become a world-famous gymnast and compete in the Olympics.  Devoting all your time to cartooning will probably rule out teaching theology for a living.  Being a mom and having a house full of Geeklets to raise means I can’t just up and move to the desert whenever I feel like it.

Shrug.  It’s a small price to pay.