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I just told SuperDad I’m not doing an Easter basket for him this year.

“As long as I get some chocolate, I’m good,” says he.

“Well, this year you can get it yourself,” says I.

I am cold.  I am heartless.  I am . . . tired of nobody giving me anything for Easter!

“But you’re usually on a diet!” is SuperDad’s reason for never even getting me a single jellybean.

That’s no excuse.  I have my grumpy face on.


Decorated Easter eggs in basket.

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)


There’s other things to put in an Easter basket besides candy!  Hard.  Boiled.  Eggs.  Duh.

Seriously, in our twelve years of marriage, I would’ve appreciated a little bit of effort from someone on my behalf.  I always go crazy with the candy and chocolate and wind-up hopping rabbit toys for the Geeklets, and same for SuperDad (minus the cutesy toys).  But this year, it ends.  I’m scaling back!  

Forget my grumpiness regarding the lack of goodies from SuperDad.  Six Geeklets equals six Easter baskets equals . . . a lot of candy.  A lot.  Like, a truckload.  Usually.  But not this year.

This year, I’m giving them one Marshmallow Peep each.

Just kidding . . . but I really am determined to scale back.  Less is more!  That’s what all the magazines keep telling me, anyway.

And for Easter brunch?  No ham.  No leg of lamb.  Not even a brisket.  

I’m cooking eggs.  Yes, eggs.  Of the colorful, hard-boiled variety.

Again, just kidding!!  I’m planning on Eggs Benedict (yum).


English: Eggs Benedict with smoked salmon from...

 Eggs Benedict with smoked salmon from Mocha Jo’s in Glen Waverley, Victoria, Australia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)