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So, last night there was a house fire right across the street from us.   Yikes!

No, I did not get pics.  I was a little too wrapped up in hoping that the neighbor got out OK (yes, he did) and that the fire wouldn’t spread (no, it didn’t).  Whew.

At one point, the fire-fighters knocked out one of the big windows on the front of the house and then got up on the roof and cut two large skylight-esque holes up there.  In spite of the stress and nervousness involved in having a house burn down right across the street from me, I still found this interesting . . . why’d they do that?  SuperDad informed me that it was to create more vent-holes for the smoke.  At first that surprised me, but then I realized it made sense.  Anyway, I’d never considered that there might be more to fire-fighting than “point water hose at base of flames and let ‘er rip.”

Why do I feel stupid all of a sudden for not knowing that there’s a whole science to fire-fighting?  It makes me wonder what other activities that I assume are fairly simple and straight-forward might actually be quite complicated.

At the end of the episode, what I’m left with is lots and lots of respect for fire-fighters and soooo much gratitude that they know how to do their jobs and have the bravery to go into burning houses in order to help and protect the rest of us.