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I’m going a little crazy with the movie trailers today.  There’s so many flicks coming out this year that I’m really looking forward to, that I just couldn’t resist any longer.

Man of Steel: what gets me about this trailer is that it uses the music from the Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, from the part where the Fellowship escapes from Moria and is mourning Gandalf.  The music makes the trailer, just like it made that sad scene in LOTR.

*Sigh.*  Heart-wrenching music.  (If you want proof that it’s in LOTR, go here and skip to the five-minute mark.)

Iron Man 3: how could I not include this one?

I need to know the story behind that fleet of Iron Man backup guys or whatever.  What are we supposed to call them, anyway?  Copy-cats?  Mini-me’s?

The Wolverine: love the style of this trailer.  Very comic-book-y.

If Wolverine were portrayed by anyone other than Hugh Jackman, I wouldn’t be nearly as interested in seeing the movie.  Jackman just is Wolverine.  He just is.

Star Trek Into Darkness: I love Spock.  Who doesn’t love Spock?  Is it possible to not love Spock?  All the Geeklets over the age of three can throw up the Spock Sign and say, “Live long and prosper.”  It’s an essential part of their education.

Apparently, the Geeklets’ favorite Frost Giant is one of the bad guys in this Star Trek.  I hope we get a good look at him in the movie . . . the Geeklets will, well, geek out.  *grin*

And last, but not least for today, Kick-Ass 2: my favorite vigilantes are back for more, w00t w00t!  Hit Girl is dear to my heart.  That purple wig . . .

What movies are y’all looking forward to?