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Spring has sprung.

Spring has sprung.

We’re still in the middle of Winter, right?

Well, maybe not the middle.  Technically, I think we’re about three-quarters of the way through.  Wednesday, March 20 is the first day of Spring, according to Google (and Google’s never wrong).

At any rate, the 80-degree weather yesterday had me dancing for joy.  We had the  front and back doors open and a breeze was blowing through.  The Geeklets were in and out all day — mostly out — and the dog was so frisky she was chasing her tail.  I think she even caught it once.

And then I saw the flea.

Just one little flea . . . on the back of the three-year-old’s neck.

Major gross-out time!

I don’t suppose there’s a once-a-month Hartz flea remedy for humans, is there?  A child-friendly flea and tick collar?  No?

Well, with the warmer weather come the bugs.  Win some, lose some.

Maybe I’m not quite ready for Winter to be over just yet, after all.