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I almost started hyperventilating this morning when I read this headline.

Exclusive: Tim Curry Joins Star Wars

With all the news running riot over the interwebs about the next three Star Wars movies being made by Disney, I immediately jumped to the conclusion that Tim Curry had signed on for the live-action flicks.

I was like this:

That's my geek-out face.

That’s my geek-out face.

Imagine my dismay when I actually read the article (sigh) and realized that he’ll be doing voice-work for the animated TV series Star Wars: Clone Wars instead.

And then I was like this: Nooooooooooo!!  It’s not fair!



But maybe my it’s my disappointment that’s unfair.  I love Tim Curry — he makes a great bad guy — and I would love to see him in Star Wars (*see* him, not just hear him), but then I discovered that Clone Wars has actually won 3 Emmys, and a bunch of other awards, as well.

Emmys?  For an animated show?  Hmmm.

Before I get too wrapped up in feeling sorry for myself over my geek dreams so quickly squashed, perhaps I should go check out that show.

Does anyone in my little corner of the blogosphere watch Clone Wars?