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A while back, I realized I didn’t have a hobby.  I read and write obsessively, but those aren’t hobbies; they’re just part of who I am.

SuperDad was working on a 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle and invited me to join him.  I absolutely refused.  I am no good at puzzles of that size.  They give me a headache.

But I did want to spend time with him, in the evenings after the Geeklets go to bed,  chatting and doing something home-y.  The problem was, I couldn’t sit there reading, blogging, or working on a story while interacting with the hubby.  As he likes to say in a fake hill-billy voice, “That just don’t work.”

So, I took a walk around our local Hobby Lobby.  What better place to find a hobby, eh?  And I found all sorts of shiny and colorful things.  My inner magpie wanted to take home one of everything, but I settled for some beading stuff.

Now, while SuperDad is working on his puzzles of an evening, Yours Truly can be sitting right there with him, stringing crystals, charms, and beads on a wire.  Boy, do I feel like an old fuddy-duddy all of a sudden.

Here’s one of my first completed projects:

. . .  and a few supplies.

. . . and a few supplies.

The Geeklet girl will appreciate this.  She can wear it to church with the rest of her Sunday Best.



It was a nice little project.  And now, I have something to do with my hands . . . and not necessarily with my brain!  Hey, sometimes the brain needs a rest.  Yes, even mine.  *Grin.*