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I was just thinking the other day how different things are for me now that I have a house full of Geeklets.  Here’s what I came up with:


I used to write poetry. Then I had kids.


poetry book

None of my poetry was ever featured in this book.  (Photo credit: letrerias)


I used to cook. Then I had kids.


Plate Fancy

I never cooked like that, though. (Photo credit: chrissam42)


I used to design and sew my own clothing. Then I had kids.


Evening gown

A dress I did not design or sew. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I used to clean house. Then I had kids.


The living room in Elvis Presley's mansion, Gr...

My house was never *this* clean. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


And then I realized:


I no longer write poetry (often), but I blog instead, and work on short fiction on the side, both of which are frequently inspired by my kids.


I no longer cook lasagna or anything more complicated than beef stew. I bake a lot of brownies and banana bread, instead. Much more kid-friendly than lasagna. Oh, and the Geeklets help me bake, cook, set the table, clear the table, do the dishes, and sweep the floor after all is said and done. I let the six-year-old empty the dishwasher last night and he was ecstatic. I’m not kidding.


Kraft Easy Mac

Dinner!  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


As far as designing and sewing my own clothing . . . well. That’s one I was never super good at anyway. I do still occasionally make a sundress or twirly skirt for my little Geeklet girl.


And no, I no longer live in a house that could be featured in Better Homes & Gardens. I live in a house that’s full to overflowing with life, laughter, and love, instead.


So, yeah, my life has changed a lot since I’ve had kids — for the better.


Happy Valentine’s Day, Geeklets.


Be my Valentine?

Be my Valentine?