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So if you don’t live in a cave, you’ve probably heard a few songs by these bands. (If you do live in a cave and have no access to a radio, electricity, or other conveniences of modern life . . . how the heck are you online??)

Neon Trees is probably best known for their songs “Animal” from the 2010 album Habits, and “Everybody Talks” from the 2012 album Picture Show. “I Am the D.J.” gets less airtime, but so far it’s my favorite. Here’s a short fanvid by Matt Sheahan involving the ever popular classic nerd toy, the Rubik’s Cube.


I just had to share that. It made me grin.

Meanwhile, fun. is a band whose latest album, Some Nights, doesn’t have a bad song on it. My current favorite song of theirs, “One Foot,” doesn’t have a music video to go along with it (pouting here). However, the video for “We Are Young” has been a favorite with the local Geeklets for a while now, due to some pretty cool slow-mo effects. Isn’t it amazing how chaos is so beautiful when shown in slow motion?  Enjoy!