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My Geeklets bring me flowers.


Ok, so dandelions are technically weeds. Who cares.

My Geeklets read Captain Underpants to each other.

Reading Captain Underpants

Everyone knows Captain Underpants is only a short step away from Shakespeare, heh heh heh.

My Geeklets build Megazords out of Mega Bloks and then give them rabbit ears.

Mega Bloks

Because everyone loves a Megazord with rabbit ears.

My Geeklets battle with wooden swords until the swords break.

broken sword

A broken weapon can be even more deadly, right?

My little mostly-potty-trained Geelket pees in the dirt instead of the toilet.  Because there’s no toilet in the backyard, Mom!

No, I won’t include a pic of that. 😛