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I walked back into the house today (I had gone to an appointment while SuperDad stayed home with the Geeklets) and was greeted by this sight:


The almost two-year-old Geeklet had been asleep on the rocking horse for who knows how long and didn’t wake up until almost lunch time.

Ah, toddlerhood — that time of life when you can fall asleep anywhere and everywhere, on anything and in any position, and get a refreshing nap under any circumstances.

Gone are the days when I could fling my body anywhere, be instantly comfortable, and catch some ZZZs while no one interfered. Currently, I can’t even go to the bathroom without being followed. Thank God for whoever invented child gates.

But, seriously, why is it so hard for us adults to fall asleep sitting up on a rocking horse while our half-dozen or so siblings run crazy circle around us, screaming? It’s really not fair. Toddlers have no responsibilities and no real schedules, and they get to ninja some nap-time whenever they please. Adults are the ones with the calendars crammed full of appointments and deadlines, things to do, places to be, and precious little time left over for sleep (not to mention blogging). We are the ones who could really use that sort of nap-ninja-ing ability . . . but, no. That talent remains the sole property of limply snoozing toddlers everywhere. Sigh. Youth truly is wasted on the young.