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That magic spell for quiet I told you about yesterday didn’t last long.

Before I knew it, someone had stolen someone else’s new Avengers comics and that someone was vociferously not happy about it, two Geeklets were dancing around the living room singing Sunset in July by 311 (“Sunset in July, rockers by my side, time is flying by . . .”  Such a great song)  while another Geeklet was twirling on the Sit ‘n’ Spin, singing Van Morrison’s Brown Eyed Girl, and the Baby Geeklet was dumping his bowl of cereal on the sofa two seconds before I could get to him, which caused a howl to be ripped from my soul and straight out through my throat, which, of course, made Baby Geeklet cry.

Meh.  I can do without peace and quiet, I guess, at least most of the time.  Did I mention that three of the Geeklets were singing?  That’s the kind of noise I like, especially if there has to be noise while I’m cleaning cereal off the sofa.

Speaking of cleaning, I usually don’t.  Clean, that is.  My philosophy is that if God puts dust on the mantelpiece, who am I to remove it?  There’s nothing wrong with dusting; I’m just OK with not doing it.

There’s a rhyme I remember from my childhood (if my “childhood” can actually be called that — I was born old.  Long story.)  which goes something like this: “Cobwebs, be quiet; dust, go to sleep.  /  I’m rocking my baby, and babies don’t keep.”

My sentiments exactly!  Why scrub the baseboards when I could be reading Bears in the Night to my Geeklets?  They won’t be Geeklets forever!

Nobody notices baseboards anyway.  Or, nobody whose opinion I care about.  If you come over, inspect my baseboards, and tell me I should be a-scrubbing, you can be sure as lickety-splickety that I don’t give a hoot what you think, what I actually hear coming out of your mouth is “Blah, blah, blah,” and I want you gone from my house and my life faster than a Baby Geeklet can spill cereal on a sofa.  Are we clear?  Great!

For the record, I have absolutely no issues whatsoever with baseboards, old toothbrushes, or cups of soapy water.  It’s the thought of putting these three things together and doing something with them that makes me go slightly cross-eyed.  Thank you for understanding.