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As I think most of you know already, SuperDad and I have six little Geeklets.  Well, I was thinking recently that seems like most parents out there are all into getting their kids lessons, putting them in Little League, or sending them to Whatever Camp as soon as they can walk.  While SuperDad and I haven’t ruled out swim lessons or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for some time in the future, right now we think it wouldn’t be fair.  For one thing, if we only put the two oldest in lessons, the younger four would be feeling all left out; for another thing, if we put all six into lessons of some kind, we might not be able to keep a roof over our heads.  Uniforms, tack, musical instruments, etc, can be expensive!

Which leads me to my list of . . .

Ten Free (or Almost-Free) Fun Things to Do With Kids:

1)  Grab all the pillows in the house, pile them in the middle of the living room, push up a kitchen chair and let them take turns jumping.

2)  Go to the front yard and turn on the garden hose.  (This one, when properly executed, can eliminate the need the need for bath-time later.  Score!)

3)  Hook a computer up to the TV, create a YouTube music video playlist, turn it up loud, and dance together.

4)  Role-play Harry Potter and friends using serving spoons, spatulas, etc. from the kitchen as magic wands.

5)  Build houses of cards, except with story books.  Everyone shrieks, falls down, and plays dead when the house topples.

6)  Have a slumber party: drag mattresses into the living room, make popcorn, and watch cartoons while wearing pajamas.

7)  Pack a lunch, go for a drive in the country, and stop at a state park to eat and play.

8)  Adopt a free kitten or puppy.  Or both.  Warning — not for the faint of heart.  This one usually involves a lifetime commitment and cleaning up poop.

9)  Pitch a tarp in the backyard and go camping; read up on constellations first so you can point them out to the kids.

10)  Have a home-salon day and paint everyone’s nails.  Boys look good with dark blue, bright orange, green, or yellow.  Then teach them to say, “I’m a young punk!”  for when more straight-laced folks gasp at their warpaint.  *wink*