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So, this happened:

That’s a Frost Giant being surrounded by The Geeklet Six.  I’ll let you guess who won.

Actually, the Frost Giant (Joseph Gatt) was very sweet.  He told us about his trip to NASA, admired the kids’ T-shirts — Ronan’s red T-shirt had Thor on it — compared muscles with them, and let them ninja his grapes.

Space City Con was a ton of fun.  I was pleasantly surprised that there were so many cosplayers, considering this is the first year for this Con and I personally didn’t even find out about it until a few weeks ago.  There were many cosplays I didn’t know, but I did recognize Ghostbusters, fairies, barbarians, a few Green Hornets, Iron Man, Hawkeye, Captain America, Stormtroopers, and Darth Vader.  Vader was very popular and kinda got mobbed, so we didn’t get to say hi to him personally; maybe we’ll elbow our way through to him next year.  Some of the Geeklets shook hands with Captain America.  I think that was the highlight of the day for them.

We had a scare a few days before the Con, when it was announced that R. A. Salvatore had cancelled the rest of his signing tour due to a family emergency, but later that same day he un-cancelled.  Whew!  The Baby Geeklet was napping on me when Mr. Salvatore made it to his table, so SuperDad heroically stood in line with the stroller, the other five kids, and my collector’s edition copy of The Dark Elf Trilogy, and got it signed.  Yay!

We said hi to Robin Shelby, of Ghostbusters 2 fame, and she told us the Geeklets were very well-behaved, so now we have a celebrity endorsement on that issue.  No one can argue with Robin or you’ll be sliiiiiimed!!  (Well, I had to write *something* about slime.  Grin.)

I got to come home with a print by Jessica Grundy, one of the artists at the Con.  It’s called ‘Lady J in the Garden’.  I love the colors; they almost leap off the page.

I said hi to Steve Jackson of Steve Jackson Games (Munchkin!!) and he gave the Geeklets some Munchkin temporary tattoos.  Each Geeklet got to pick out a Lego mini-fig to bring home, and Geeklet #3 was given a poster autographed by sci-fi, fantasy, and horror author Jason Kristopher.  Wow, we really raked in the loot!

We wandered around and around the Con for several hours, looking at all the art, geeking out over the costumes, watching people play games, and chatting with authors, artists, and actors.  The Geeklets were apparently tireless, except for #6, who threw a few fits because he’s teething and then fell asleep on me.  All in all, it was a great experience and we’re already looking forward to next year.  Live long and prosper, Space City Con!