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Have you heard of Marian Call?

I found out about her from GeekDad, which had something a while back about her Kickstarter project.

In a nutshell, she writes and performs intriguing music with an idiosyncratic feel to it.  (Idiosyncratic is a word.  I checked.)  For instance, she has this thing about making music with an old-fashioned typewriter.  Yes, a typewriter.

Here’s a short song she did for Shark Week, featuring the typewriter as a musical instrument:


Meanwhile, The Geeklet Six emphatically approve of this next song and request it by name:


Actually, they don’t request it by name.  They just chant “Marian Call!  Marian Call!” over and over again until I play it.  Check out more of her work if you feel like it, by following this linky.  Happy listening!