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I’m going to be starting school in three weeks.  That is, I’ll be taking three college classes online and one at night, at Lone Star College – Tomball.

(It really annoys me, BTW, that they changed the college’s name.  I still think of it as Tomball College.)

At first I was just all excited about going back to school, but now I’m also a bit scared.  Will I be able to handle this?  On top of 12 credit hours worth of speech, humanities, and lit classes, I’ll not be handing over any of my normal responsibilities to anyone else.  I’ll still be taking care of all six Geeklets, the house, the laundry, the meals, the shopping . . . and homeschooling Geeklets #1 & 2.  This is going to be a lot of work.

I’m going to be cutting back on a lot of unnecessary time-hogs: baking cookies.  Facebooking.  Blogging.  I’ll be spending a lot less time watching Doctor Who with SuperDad in the evenings and a lot more time reading and completing class assignments.  I’d better get my fill of Diablo III and Skyrim now, because when classes start on August 27th I may as well say goodbye to gaming until Christmas.

Meanwhile, I’m packing as much of the fun stuff as I can into these last few summer days.  Trips to the park, picnics, and popsicles with the kids on the back porch are on the agenda.  We’re going to Space City Con this Saturday, and we’re trying to come up with fun family stuff to do  on the last two weekends before school starts. We might even get super brave and take The Geeklet Six to the beach . . .