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Well, I was going to write, but now I don’t know.  There’s really nothing much to write about.  We’re having a lovely day — a drive in the country, lunch at Washington on the Brazos State Park, I’m lying on a blanket in the shade of a pecan tree, the kids are all pink and sweaty, SuperDad is contentedly munching on a Boar’s Head sandwich — nothing terribly exciting happens when everything is going perfectly.  If there’s no conflict, there’s no story.  I almost feel like saying Come on, somebody, start some conflict!  But I’m not that foolish.  I think.  For now.

Meanwhile, I’m going to do the un-writerly thing, put down this pen, and just hang out.


A few hours later, still no conflict.  What’s going on here?  This never happens.  Everyone is happy, no one is fighting, and we are all behaving nicely ALL DAY LONG.  I’m getting weirded out.

Geeklet #2 just held a cheese puff up to his ear and said, “Hello?  Hello, can you hear me?”  This is the most exciting thing that’s happened for at least two hours.


I present for your perusing pleasure (or not, whatever) this Diary of my Saturday:

7 AM: Get up, fix breakfast for oldest Geeklet and self, ignore everyone else.

8:30 AM: Leave for town with oldest Geeklet in tow.  Said Geeklet has appointment at eye doc.

9 AM: Geeklet’s eye appointment.  Geeklet is all impressed until the eye drops happen, whereupon he tells eye doc, “I hate you!”  I am suitably embarrassed.

10:30 AM: Post-eye appointment stop @ Starbucks.  Geeklet is walking like a drunkard as consequence of dilated eyes.  Narrowly avoids head-on collision with coffee-and-pastry wielding Starbucks patron.

11 AM: Drive all around town looking for UPS store.

11:30 AM: Finally break down and call UPS store for directions.  No, I am not a man.

11:35 AM: Pay $20 for Notary service and Certified Mail.  Note to Self: I should have just paid the damn traffic ticket instead of jumping though all these hoops with Defensive Driving.

11:45 AM: Quick stop @ Target for toilet paper turns into not-so-quick stop for toilet paper, sunglasses, baby-wipes, Glade scented oil, sponges, and Sprite.  Plus time spent just wandering around in a daze, looking at all the pretty colors.

1 PM: Get home, load up Frances with all six Geeklets, SuperDad, cooler, and assorted other picnicking supplies, and head back to town.

1:30 PM: Spend way too much money on Boar’s Head deli meats and cheeses.  On the road again for a drive in the country.

3 PM: Arrive @ Washington of the Brazos State Park.  Park.  They took the playground equipment out!  There’s just a big ol’ square of mulch there!  Nooooo!

4:30 PM: The Geeklets and SuperDad get Blue Bell Dutch Chocolate at neat little soda fountain in Washington.

6:30 PM: Home again.  Geeklet #2 does thing with cheese puff.

8:30 PM: Bedtime for Geeklets.  SuperDad and I watch Doctor Who on Netflix for the rest of the evening.

Aaaaand that’s all, folks.  It was just a nice, easy day — no catastrophes, no crises, no hair-pulling, and almost no nose-picking.  Sometimes I think I’d like every day to be this calm.  Then I wonder how soon I’d get bored.