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Once upon a time, there was a Self-Rescuing Princess named Maura.  Maura the SRP had five brothers, all of whom were bigger and stronger than she was, and all of whom took her Rice Krispies Treats when she wasn’t looking, used her toothbrush and didn’t even rinse it, and threw toys around her bedroom without cleaning up afterwards.

Now, this particular Self-Rescuing Princess, like most SRPs, did not appreciate getting pushed around and taken advantage of by her stinky brothers.  In fact, she royally resented it.  Finally, one day, she decided that it was time to do something.

She tried hitting: when Brother A grabbed her musical telephone right out of her hand, she punched him in the eye.  He punched her right back, and kept the telephone.

She tried throwing: when Brother B was hogging the Hungry Hungry Hippos and wouldn’t let her play, she picked up a MegaBlok and beaned him with it.  He took the Hungry Hungry Hippos and threw them at her, and she just barely escaped by hiding behind a pillow.  Fortunately, no Hippos got hurt.

She tried kicking: when Brother C wouldn’t quit trying on her sandals, she started kicking him in the back, but Brother C just said “Hey!” and turned around, grabbed her foot, and yanked.  Maura the Self-Rescuing Princess plopped quite suddenly on her fortunately well-padded tushie.  “This isn’t working out as I had envisioned,” she thought.

She tried biting, but her brothers had bigger teeth than she did.  She tried telling Mom, but by the time that reluctant referee hauled herself to the scene of the crime, the perpetrator had vanished.  She even tried snatching the toy under discussion and running away with it, but her brothers had longer legs and chased her down.

Finally, one day when Legos were the most popular toy in the Kingdom, Maura the SRP got pushed to the back of the crowd and was feeling all left out when suddenly, she’d had enough.

She huffed.  She puffed.  She balled up her fists and tensed up her shoulders.  She screwed her eyes shut tight and opened her mouth up wide.  She took a deep breath and . . . realized she had a Super Power.

Suddenly, all the boys were scampering away with their fingers in their ears.  One of them hid under the bed, one dove behind the sofa, two high-tailed it outside, and the slowest one crashed into Mom as she ran into the room, asking “What in the world was that horrible noise?!?”  Meanwhile, Maura, the Self-Rescuing Princess, had the entire tub of Legos all to her pint-sized self.

Maura’s Super Power was christened The Sonic Scream and has ever since been her weapon of choice in times of crisis.  Her regretful brothers unanimously decided that their little sister rules the roost in this particular chicken coop, and everybody lived happily ever after, in peace and contentment, at least until tomorrow.  The End.