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1) On the way home after several hours running errands: “Mom, I’m tired of driving around!  I want to log out now.”

2) Upon getting poked in the eye: “MOM!  My eye pod hurts!”

3) Mom: “You have to do your math before you can go play.”  Kid, whining: “But my hard drive’s overheated!”

4) Waking up sick in the middle of the night: “Dad!  Do a virus scan!”

5) Watching our kitten play with peripherals: “The cat got the mouse!”

6) At the end of an emotionally trying day: “Mom, my head hurts.  I think you should troubleshoot me.”

7) Mom: “Stop kicking your brother!  Why would you do that?!?”  Kid: “I was just trying to reboot him.”

8) Mom: “What do you want to be for Halloween?”  Excited kid: “I want to be a level 85 Draenei Shaman!”

9) Mom: “Don’t you want to be a good boy?”  Boy: “No, I want to join the Horde.”

10) Geeklet #1, mad at Geeklet #2: “I’m going to sheep you!!”