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We’ve never been to a Con, mostly because they are price restrictive.  Tickets for two adults plus six kids  — you see what I mean.  But a few weeks ago I found out about a new Con that’s just starting up this year: Space City Con, which is being held in the Westin Galleria convention center.  R. A. Salvatore is going to be there, eeek!!  As will the Houston Area Ghostbusters.  Not kidding.

You can even do advanced registration online for a reduced price, and kids age 9 and under are free.  That’s right, FREE!  So SuperDad and I wouldn’t have to pay for The Geeklet Six to get in, w00t.

So, anyway, we’re really hoping to go.

Unfortunately, expensive things have been happening to us lately.  There have been three emergency room visits for SuperDad and me during the last three months.   SuperDad had to have some dental work done.  The Geeklets have had one strange little virus after another.  I got an undeserved (no, really) traffic ticket from an angry cop.  The mop broke and we needed a new one.  The Geeklets wear through their socks.  We keep running out of money before the next paycheck appears!  So, although I like to think we might actually be able to attend our first Con this August, the possibility exists that I just might be dreaming.

Anywho, here’s the linky to Space City Con.

And, because I’m a fangirl, and because I’m maybe just a wee bit crazy about all this, I present now for your viewing pleasure a couple of entertaining music vids that were done at the London Film & Comic Con.  There’s millions of cosplay music videos and lip dubs out there (ok, maybe not quite millions) but these are two of the best: