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I’ve been reading about Sarah Robles, the Olympian weightlifter who basically can’t get sponsorships (ie get paid to be an Olympian athlete) because she’s not pretty enough.

What??  She’s the top-ranking weightlifter in the entire U. S. of A. and no one wants to sponsor her?  Because of her looks??

Indeed.  Well, one company finally did pick her up after they heard of her plight.  Good for you, Solve Media! They are helping her get to the Olympics this year.

But, good grief, when did looks have anything to do with athleticism?  Especially when we’re talking about weightlifting?  And yet this strong young lady is basically getting looked down on, if not outright ignored, because of her looks.

What the heck?  It’s not like she has an extra head growing out of her neck or something, but even if she did, she’s still the strongest woman in the U.S.   She doesn’t have the body of a swimmer, but she’s a weightlifter, for geek’s sake!  Is she supposed to look like Kate Moss or something before she gets sponsorships?  And how, exactly, would having the body of a swimmer or supermodel be compatible with being a weightlifter?

All I can say is, Good for you, Sarah, and don’t give up.   Bring us back home a medal from London.