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Have I mentioned that we are a house full of geeks? Well, I don’t know about you, but I believe a love of Legos is a prerequisite to geekhood. SuperDad and The Geeklet Six have that geeky love in abundance, and I myself have more of a cordial appreciation for the colorful little blocks. Observe, below, some of my mini-figs hanging out on the fridge. Also, an origami monkey.

Origami Monkey says hello.

Now notice, for comparison’s sake, The Geeklet Six’s Lego collection – along with a few Mega-Bloks and Transformers.

The Toy Closet of Doom.

This is how our Lego love differs: they never get tired of them, and I just want them up off the floor.

A Lego love discussion of this family wouldn’t be complete without a pic or three of SuperDad’s handiwork. Here’s a helicopter he built:

And here’s what the kit was actually for:


He built the hot rod first, all right; he just got tired of it after about two seconds and dismantled it for parts. But hey, like he’s always telling me, “Whatever floats your boat.”

Now I want to point out that I have a great deal of pride in our Lego collection, mostly because many of them are classic Legos which SuperDad played with many, many years ago, in a galaxy far, far away. See more of SuperDad’s handiwork below, this time built with roughly 30-year-old Legos.


At one point someone wondered what we could get for these classic Legos on eBay, and I almost had a panic attack. Don’t ever suggest such a sacrilegious thing again! Ever!

Whew. Calming down and moving on.

As a homeschooling mom, I value Legos as more than just toys. They are learning tools. What about teaching colors? That’s a no-brainer with Legos.

Ever have to teach someone to count? Well, let me tell you, practicing that on fingers and toes will work only up to a point. Sooner or later, you’re gonna want the Geeklet to count higher than twenty. Enter the box of Legos: it is counting practice geekified!

Next comes architecture and design. Who hasn’t dreamed of living in a Lego house? I have one particular Geeklet who builds not only houses but castles with ramparts (complete with trebuchet defense systems), inner walls, outer walls, baileys, moats, dungeons, and garages. Frequently, there’s Lego cars and helicopters alongside the horses in the garage. There’s also a fleet of Lego ships attacking from the seaward side. Better have those war machines at the ready.


Beware my Legos — they will destroy you.

The main thing will always be the way Legos inspire the imagination. Once the imagination is engaged, there’s no boundaries to what a Geeklet can come up with. Just think of all those lovely little synapses firing in that geeky little brain, and let yourself dream of the future. A future which will probably include lots of Legos.