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One of the Geeklets sounds like a cat and it’s totally freaking me out. I know M is the one caterwauling and I know she’s just playing, but I keep wanting to dash down the hall to her room and rescue a stuck kitten.  Eeeek!

Meanwhile, as I’ve just come home (it’s Saturday, which is my day to run errands while I leave The Geeklet Six at home with SuperDad) I notice that when I’m not here, things have a way of tending toward chaos.  It’s entropy, people!  Entropy happens.

I’m why entropy happens.

A pair of very small boxer shorts is lying on the floor by the garage door.  Why did they not make it all the way to the hamper?  Entropy.  Plastic chess pieces are scattered all over the table, along with a hairbrush, part of a peanut butter sandwich, some checkers pieces, a ziplock bag, our sparkly jester’s hat, and half of a puppet.  Don’t ask me how a puppet gets broken.  Entropy.  Even the fresh crayon scribbles on the window have an entropic vibe to them.  Is that a word?

This always happens when I leave the house, even for just a few hours.  I leave relative order and harmony and come back to degeneracy and decay.  Poop.

Maybe the problem isn’t what it seems, though.  Maybe the problem is how I see things.

I mean, who really cares if there’s dirty underwear on the floor?  Will God send me to hell for that?  So, why should I care about it so much?

Who really cares if toys get broken and chess pieces get scattered about?  I should be looking at the bright side: My kids play chess!  Furthermore, I have kids!  Looking at things that way . . .

Yeah, I need to relax about the mess and give in to the occasional sense of chaos. I need to focus on why things are the way they are, and learn to enjoy The Geeklet Six even when they’ve become a soul-destroying vortex of swirling mess and mayhem.  Shoot, maybe I should even enjoy having dirty underwear on the floor.  It means we have a floor to put it on!  It means we have a home to be messy in! It means we have kids to throw stuff around and not clean up after themselves!  Take that, underwear.  I appreciate you now.

He looks guilty to me.

I just noticed some Geeklet has plucked all but one petal off my vase of stargazer lilies.  What the heck??